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Provide a platform for young talented artists, to get in contact with art collectors, providing them a possibility to reveal their talent, and being part of the really dynamic community: these are the core ideas behind artrium.

Project Overview

Artrium, a Berlin based startup, specialized in the art scene, with a very talented and dynamic team, was working on the very interesting mobile platform that will change how artworks are perceived on the web. Yet the challenge require a very skilled technical lead on board to manage their distributed team of developers.

Main responsibilities:

  • Manage the distributed team of developers in 4 different continents.
  • Conduct technical interview and hire developers to increase the distributed team.
  • Define the core development guideline, lead and supervise the workflow.
  • Develop the web platform as well as help the mobile development team.
  • Manage release of various version of the application in the app store.
  • Conduct code review.
  • Be the Swiss Army Knife of the project.
  • Work in very close collaboration with the management team, to define goals and milestones based on the available budget.